Accessible Design Standards in 2018

“The New Paradigm:
Accessible Design Standards in 2018”

WHEN: THURSDAY OCTOBER 25, 2018 | 8:00AM--5:00 PM

BREAK:  11:30AM – 1:30PM for Awards Luncheon


CREDITS:                   ICC Preferred Provider and AIA/HSW 6 Contact Hours


COST:  $125.00

“The New Paradigm:
Accessible Design Standards in 2018”



8:00AM to 5:00PM: This highly advanced one-day curriculum examines the architectural requirements for accessibility to new/altered construction and existing buildings under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  We explore all 10 chapters of the 2010 DOJ Standards for Accessible Design in depth, with recent interpretations and clarifications from the US Access Board, the Dept. of Justice and others. We discuss errors, conflicts, questions and concerns that have been raised by design, construction, government and related professionals.


The course also explores the significant architectural changes approved by the International Code Council (ICC) in the 2018 ANSI A117, such as: Changes to wheelchair footprints, turning radius, “T” turns, bed height and other fundamentals. These changes are not harmonized with the 2010 DOJ Standards.  Everyone in construction, design or enforcement should be ready for the dramatic shift in thinking that the new ICC ANSI represents.


To exercise what we learned, we examine real world applications of these design principles in a “Case Study”, discussing the remodel and additions to a $13 million construction project.

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